The all-new Nokia 105 Single SIM 2017 is a fresh take on the four-year old feature phone. The Nokia 105 is a QWERTY Java mobile handset. It has a 1.45 inch TFT Display with 128×128 pixels resolution. It renders pictures at 128 x 128 pixel resolution in RGB-stripe HighColor (16-bit/64k) colors. When you’re utilizing the phone, the brilliant icons and featuring offers a helpful contrast to its intense body. A crystal clear display makes it simple to peruse instant text messages, contact names and whatever other things that are shown on the screen. Other than the way that it is anything but difficult to peruse, the vibrant color display adds a completely new edge to the deal.


The Nokia 105 Single SIM 2017 is prepared for whatever the day throws at you, with its polycarbonate shell that keeps its color even when scratched. Featuring a curved, ergonomic body and an island key layout for easier dialing and texting, the Nokia 105 Single SIM 2017 gives you the feeling of a solid, quality phone nestled in the palm of your hand. Produced using solid materials, the Nokia 105 handset is intended to take overwhelming use without getting harmed. Available in black colored body, it includes a dust repellant and splash proof keypad which is as sturdy as rest of the 107 x 44.8 mm body. The lively mono-block shape features curved edges with an alphanumeric keypad, 4-way Navi Key and Power/End key. Regardless of whether you require a phone for outside activities like camping or climbing, to bring on your excursion or just for everyday usage, this gadget can be an extraordinary decision. Along with being super-solid, the thin 14.3 mm wide body and light weight profile weighing 73 grams makes it simple to convey wherever you go.


The battery life of the Nokia 105 Single SIM 2017 is its most astonishing element, with an 800 mAh BL-5CB removable battery continually keeping it on its toes. When it is completely charged, the handset offers a maximum talk time of 12.5 hours and a standby time of up to 35 days. With what appears like unlimited battery life, keeping the phone charged is no issue, and there is no compelling reason to stress over rationing the battery by stopping your calls either. Other than essential utilization, this expanded battery backup makes the phone ideal for individuals who make a trip frequently or to remote spots, where they will be unable to keep a cell phone squeezed up.

Single SIM Support

Dealing with your calls and instant messages is simple when you have to manage your SIM card. The Nokia 105 Single SIM 2017 gives you the flexibility to pick the SIM card that is ideal for each of your contacts.

Operating System

The Nokia 105 Single SIM 2017 runs on Series 30+ software and has a RAM capacity of 4 MB.


Battery life is the core of the mobile phone, with up to 15 hours of talktime! The handset houses an enduring 800 mAh Li-Ion removable battery which gives 25 days of standby time. This additionally has video playback of 16 hours on a solitary charge.

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